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Purchase items individually or in our pre-packaged, graded kits that include:

• "Pathway" for reading comprehension and vocabulary development

• "Climbing to Good English" for grammar and writing skills.

  Pathway Overview

  Climbing to Good
       English Overview

  Working With Words

  Pathway Placement

  1st Grade
  2nd Grade
  3rd Grade
  4th Grade
  5th Grade
  6th Grade
  7th Grade
  8th Grade

Pathway Working With Words

• workbooks for grades 5-8
• vocabulary development and spelling exercises
• older students would benefit from starting with the 5th grade Working With Words workbook.
• comprehensive enough for even adults to benefit from them
• can be used with or without the graded readers

Answer keys are helpful in saving time when it comes to checking the answers. Children can also be taught to mark their own work.

Sample lessons are available for viewing on this website. Simply click on the grade you are interested in (in the index bar to the left), scroll down on the resulting page to the lessons you wish to view, whether that be for Working With Words, Climbing to Good English, or Pathway Readers.

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