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Professor B Level 1
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Instant Master Teacher
Level Two
Activating the Contextual Learner

Instant Master Teacher Level 2
Sample Lesson
Table of Contents
Scope and Sequence
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Instant Master Teacher Level Two consists of two components:

1. Computer CD
The CD is used by the child with an instructor. It contain clear, easy to follow instructions for every lesson and concept. No teacher preparation is needed. Even older children can teach younger children using this CD. If you can read, you can teach this program. (Available for PCs and Macs.)

2. Workbook
The workbook offers many unique practice exercises that make it possible for children to achieve the mastery which represents readiness for the next level. The 85-page workbook for Level 2 contains no endless pages of the same question. Purchase one workbook of each level per child. They are NOT reproducible.

Scope and Sequence of Instant Master Level 2

Covers: original and effective methods for thorough understanding and mastery of multiplication/division facts, multiplication, long division, fractional equivalence, addition/subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers. Bonus: Decimals.

• Basic Multiplication Facts
• Multiplication with Two or More Digits
• Multiplication by Counting Zeros
• Expanding a Product into a Sum of Partial Products
• Multiplication by Two or More Digits (The Long Way)
• Multiplication by Two or More Digits (The Short-Cut Way)

• Long Division
• Connecting Division to Repeated Subtraction
• Long Division with One-Digit Divisor
• Long Division with Two-Digit Divisor
• Preparation for the Word Problem Approach to Long Division
• Word Problem Approach to Long Division

• Mulitples, Factors, Prime Factorization
• Finding All Factors of a Number (by means of prime factorization)
• Least Common Multiple, Highest Common Factor
• Using Prime Factorization to Find the L.C.M. and H.C.F

• Equivalence Among Fractions
• Leaping Forward and Jumping Back in a Fraction Family
• Reducing/simplifying Fractions to Lowest Terms
• Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms by Prime Factorization

• Adding and Subtracting Fractions

• Transforming Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers
• Transforming Mixed Number to Improper Fractions
• Adding and Subtracting with Mixed Numbers
• Adding and Subtracting with Fractions and Mixed Numbers (large denominations)

• Product and Fractional Relationships with Problem Solving
• Products and factors
• Fractional parts and division
• The "factor connecting"
• The factor connecting and problem solving
• The factor connection and finding fractional parts of whole numbers
• The factor connecting and conversions among units of measure
• The factor connecting and more problem solving
• The factor connecting and place value relationships

• Decimals
• Transformation of decimals to mixed numbers and fractions
• Addition with decimals
• Subtraction with decimals

Mathematics Power Learning Level / Book 2
Sample Lesson
Table of Contents
Scope Sequence
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