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Professor B Level 1
Professor B Level 2
Professor B Level 3

Algebra Overview
Power Algebra 1
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Activating the Contextual Learner
Professor B Algebra

All you millions of mothers and fathers out there, who never dared to consider it possible for you to comfortably teach your children algebra, will now be most pleasantly surprised with your ability to mathematically empower them!

Your ability to derive meanings when you read a book is the skill we activate to empower you for deriving meanings when you read our algebra modules. They have been carefully written so that the vast majority of adults, regardless of their math backgrounds, can read them and derive all the algebraic meanings we intend.

We make the connections crystal clear.

The objective of the Professor B Algebra is to make it possible for the vast majority of teachers and parents to competently (and rather comfortably) insure their learners' total mastery of elementary and intermediate algebra.

In spite of your insecurity regarding mathematics, this book can empower you to become a master teacher of algebra for your child's sake. It is carefully written to permit you to perceive and verbalize the connections and flow within algebra.

Introduction to Algebra

How to Use the Power Algebra Books

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Power Algebra Level 1

Power Algebra Level 2

Power Algebra Level 3

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