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Life of Fred

A Few Testimonals and Rave Reviews

. . . You should have heard the shameless chortles of glee from daughter #1 when she came home from her hike. She dove right into the advanced algebra book, completely ignoring her hiking partner who surely thought my daughter had dealt a death blow to sanity. We, of course, shared freely with our guest how wonderful your books are, and their mom looked through the books and wrote down your web address.

We received the Trig book on Friday. . . . The book looks wonderful and my daughter has her old math excitement back. I believe this book (and series) is an answer to my prayers. . . I found her at 7 am this morning, working problems with gusto! God bless.

Dear Stan,
Thank you for your wonderful series. My two teens are enjoying Beginning Algebra and Geometry. I will hear chuckling and "Listen to this..." quite frequently.

My son greatly enjoy LoF: Geometry, and everyone in the house has read at least a little of Fred's story.

Hello, Dr. Schmidt,
Let me congratulate you on your fun, original math series. . . . I ordered your Beginning Algebra text.

... I started reading. And grinning. And laughing. It was wonderful!!!! What a hoot—I knew my 12 year old son would love it. We had some friends over after church on Sunday and they took to reading passages out loud. Who knew math could be so entertaining? You have truly used your gifts in a way that will bless many people.

I am a student who needs to get back into math, and your books are GREAT!! I found one at the library (Geometry) and wondered how I could purchase them. Thanks so much.

Dear Dr. Schmidt– I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my 11 yo said something yesterday I never heard him say before: "I really like math—this algebra is fun!" We are all enjoying LOF Beginning Algebra. I have recommended it to friends as well.

Thanks so much! I saw your geo book and it was wonderful!

I had been struggling for months over what to use for my math geek, and this was just the ticket. I bought the whole set of six books, and everyone in the family—even the nonmath folks—dived into poor Fred's Adventures.

Dear Stan,
. . . I'm happy to report that we've started two of my boys (the 6th and 8th graders) on Beginning Algebra and they're whizzing through it and enjoying it. I love the questions! We've got some great mathematical thinking going on here.

LOVE your calculus book! Far better than my old college calculus books!!! This will not only help me teach my son, but I have been wanting to teach other homeschooled high schoolers advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Once I have time to start my classes, I may be ordering lots of books for my students. I especially appreciate all the humor.

Thanks Stan,
We have 2 boys who are always fighting over whose turn it is to do LOF so we thought we would get a second copy.

Thanks a million! loved the book!!

Mr. Schmidt,
You are God sent! For years I struggled with basic math. I spent two (or was it three?) years working in Saxon 5/4 and another two years going in circles in book 6/5. I'd resigned Math to the dull and dry. Any hope of finishing arithmetic before college age seemed impossible. The endless problems made me prefer the dentist to a math professor. Oddly enough, when Mother called a Saxon pro for advice he told her to give me MORE problems to help bang it into my brain! (My words not his.) I was 17 and still stuck half way through 7th grade math. In Feb. 2007, my Mother found the most curious looking textbook; it was called Life of Fred. Instantly I loved it. Within one month I had gone through Fractions with flying colors—amazed at the ease with which I was now empowered in Math. This week I finished Decimals and Percents and began Beginning Algebra. I feel as though I am in a dream and for so long have dreamed of the day in which I would be officially introduced to Mr. X(Algebra.) Thank you, thank you, a 1,000 to the infinite power thank you! :)

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