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Life of Fred

Four Reasons to Choose Fred

1. Life of Fred Books are Fun

They are a delight. Just read the following two testimonials:

Dear Professor Schmidt,
. . . On Saturday, my friend lent me her copy of "Life of Fred: Fractions." That evening after supper, I started to read it and giggled so much my [11-year-old] daughter came and sat beside me to see what I was reading. . . . We got a piece of paper and a pencil, and she wouldn't stop until we had read five lessons. . . . She said: "This is the funniest math book I have ever seen."


. . . From the time I was in 2nd grade, I cried my way through math. In high school, I wrote my best friend's term papers and she did all my algebra. . . . Now, here I am with your book. . . I've found myself sitting at the kitchen table, giggling over the story lines, working out problems and actually "getting it" for the first time in my life!!!! :) And that's a very good thing since I am now a homeschool mother of 5. . . .

Just so you know, even my 7 and 6 year olds are BEGGING me to read the story of Fred to them!!!! Enough so that they're grabbing paper and pencils attempting to answer the questions with their sibling so I'll read more!!! It seems too good to be true.

2. Life of Fred Books are Clear

They are self-teaching.
No need to have anyone interpret them.

3. Life of Fred Books are Cheap

The Life of Fred books are gloss-film laminated hardcover with Smyth sewn binding. Fully indexed and illustrated. They are not workbooks to write in, and each book will be enjoyed by all your children (and grandchildren!)

The competitors pricing:
• $ 55.00USD - Alpha Omega Grade 9 Algebra Kit
• $ 67.00USD - Saxon Math Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit
• $ 70.00USD - Math-U-See Algebra 1
• $ 88.00USD - Abeka Algebra 1 Kit
• $104.00USD - Bob Jones Algebra 1 Kit
(Prices as listed on the publishers website on March 29/08 and did not include optional items and solution manuals)

Life of Fred Algebra 1 - only $37.27CAD!

4. Life of Fred Books are Comprehensive

Each of these books (with the exception of Fractions and Decimals & Percents contains more math than is normally taught at the college level. These are not skimpy books. They provide solid preparation for SAT exams and upper-division mathematics.

For example, Life of Fred: Geometry has all the standard topics with a solid emphasis on proof—which is the heart of geometry.

In addition, no other book that we know of includes: A) 46 ruler-and-compass constructions
B) a discussion of higher-dimensional geometry with a chart to 14 dimensions. How to compute how many edges there are in a hypertesseract.
C) modern geometry (invented about a hundred years ago) which fixes the errors in Euclid's geometry.

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