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Homne Education Curricula

Suggestions for Home Education

"Your Home is a mini world designed
for learning everything a person will truly
need to know to go though life.

It houses a private school, art gallery, library, communications center (computer, telephone, etc.), restaurant for gourmet and fast food, laundromat, nursery, sports arena, hotel facilities (for guests), hospital (for teaching nursing skills), infirmary, church, transportation services, garage (auto mechanics), music conservatory, repair shop, and much more.

Teach your children everything you yourself know."

Maxine McLellan

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Home Schooling Books
Quality training manuals and resource guides for home educating families including "The Home Schooling Toolbox," a comprehensive guide book to Canadian, Christian home education.

General Recommendations

Academics: just math, English and thinking development until the child is about age nine to eleven. Fill the rest of your day with lessons in practical life skills, character development, art & music. With strong foundations in these areas children are ready to tackle any curriculum later on, not to speak of facing life with Biblical wisdom and Godly character. Add science & social studies as there is interest or the child is older. Our resources will help you to educate your child spiritually (at the heart level), academically, and physically.

We have personally used these resources and they are easy to use, effective, and complement each other. Most are ungraded (not specifically grades 1, 2, etc.) as few children are solidly working at one specific artificial "grade" level. Consider the "graded" resources as "levels" to go through at your child's speed - whether that be slower or faster than others, much like playing a piano. Start with one or two resources at a time and gradually add new studies to your basics.

Everything on our website is useable by a home educating family. Resources include Christian curriculum, educational materials and more.

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The following is NOT a complete list of all curriculum resources in each category, just enough to stir your interest.

  • Phonics: Christ-Centered Curriculum - Teach why and how to read while building a solid Biblcal foundation (Pre-school to 3rd grade or as a remedial program for older children through adults, core curriculum)

  • Reading Comprehension: Pathway Readers - reinforces phonics and spelling while developing reading comprehension (beginning to read through 8th grade, core curriculum)

  • Grammar and Writing: Climbing to Good English - practical instruction in grammar, writing, dictionary skills, and more (1st grade through highschool, core curriculum)

  • Spelling: Phonics Drill Reader - provides word lists categorized by phonetic sounds (1st through 8th grade, supplemental)

  • Christ-Centered Curriculum Math - basics based on Scripture for ages 3 to 6 (core curriculum, un-graded)

  • Professor B Mathematics - simply teaches understanding, the how, and why of math. Use with CCC math, after it, or on its own - ages 4+ through 7th grade (core curriculum, un-graded)

  • Mathematical Reasoning - geometry and mathematical thinking skills for pre-school to 8th grade (supplemental)

  • Math Detective - develops chart, graph, and math story problem skills for 3rd to 8th grade (supplemental)

  • Professor B Algebra - pre-algebra through algebra 2 restructured to make sense (core curriculum)

  • Life of Fred Math - Learn math from the story of the life of Fred. Books cover fractions, decimals, algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, statistics. (core curriculum)

Aged-Based Recommendations

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